Metal Print Photo Panels


The most vibrant of all print media, contemporary Metal Prints are an unexpected way to turn digital images into breathtaking works of art.

  • Metal Prints, the most vibrant of all print media, are created by infusing an image onto raw aluminum.
  • Metal Prints are available in 17 different sizes, from 4x4" to 24x36". 
  • Display options include a curved free stand bend, an aluminum stand off, a foam free float 3m squares.
  • All Metal Prints are 2mm thick and are finished with a protective white matte.
  • The metal substrate used in production may have tiny bumps and imperfections that make each piece truly unique. Our Quality Control team will only order a reprint of the piece if an imperfection distracts from the image itself.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

  • Keep Metal Prints indoors and out of direct sunlight.
  • Handle the surface with care to avoid scratching.
  • Avoid stacking Metal Prints on top of each other, as surface abrasions may occur.
  • Metal Prints can be cleaned with a dust cloth or with glass cleaner and a clean rag.
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